The Brains Behind the Operation

Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC is comprised of a few talented professionals working together as a freelance team. Our expertise lies in the fields of web and mobile design and development, 3D modeling, and print design. We can build you anything from a website, to a flyer, to a 3D modeled cityscape. At Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC, each member of the team has a specific set of skills that makes them unique. Meet the brains behind the code and design.

Mark Fazzio

Developer / Co-Owner

Mark is a full stack developer specializing in frontend and UI/UX. He is experienced in building libraries of components in ReactJS, Angular, and Vue.JS. From PHP applications to single page applications (SPA’s) there is no frontend that Mark can’t turn into a completely interactive experience.

Chris Miller

Developer / Co-Owner

Chris is our lead full-stack developer. He is an avid problem solver and never misses a beat. He manages our server environments, and basically everything “behind the scenes”.

Brett Lemberger


Brett is a senior designer with lots of web experience.

Mike Schroeder

iOS / Android Developer

Mike is a senior iOS and Android engineer. He has experience building both small and large scale applications.

Dom Bizzarri

3D Modeling & Design

Dominick is a practicing freelance industrial designer and inherent problem solver. This mindset of looking past “what is” and dreaming of “what could be” ultimately attracted him to the art of industrial design.

Jacqui Bencivenga

Executive Assistant

Jacqui is our business development assistant with a focus on HR, marketing, and administrative work. She has been an essential part of our building process.