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Welcome to We specialize in web and mobile application design and development.
We can build anything from custom WordPress sites, Magento storefronts, or build completely custom applications.

We offer years of development expertise at freelancer prices.

Meet The Pandas

Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC is comprised of a few talented professionals working together as a freelance team. Our expertise lies in the fields of web and mobile design and development, 3D modeling, and print design. We can build you anything from a website, to a flyer, to a 3D modeled cityscape. At Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC, each member of the team has a specific set of skills that makes them unique. Meet the brains behind the code and design.

Mark Fazzio

Developer / Co-Owner

Mark builds the frontend interfaces for our web and Android projects.

Chris Miller

Developer / Co-Owner

Chris is our lead full-stack developer. He is an avid problem solver and never misses a beat.

Brett Lemberger


Brett is a senior designer with lots of web experience.

Mike Schroeder

iOS / Android Developer

Mike is a senior iOS and Android engineer. He has experience building both small and large scale applications.

Dom Bizzarri

3D Modeling & Design

Dominick is a practicing freelance industrial designer and inherent problem solver. This mindset of looking past “what is” and dreaming of “what could be” ultimately attracted him to the art of industrial design.

Jacqui Bencivenga

Business Development

Jacqui is our business development assistant with a focus on HR, marketing, and administrative work. She has been an essential part of our building process.

What We Offer

Web Applications

One-off web applications are our specialty. We will build you a free-standing application using our in-house PHP framework. For those who want their own CMS outside of Wordpress, we can build that as well.

Wordpress Websites

Custom Wordpress websites (like this one) give clients a great CMS that is custom-catered using the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. This allows us to have completely custom admin forms that are easy to fill out and generate content.

Responsive / Mobile Websites

Looking for a single solution that will work across multiple mobile platforms including iOS and Android? A mobile web application on a framework like jQuery Mobile will make you think it's a native app!

Mobile Applications

Need an iOS or Android application? We will build you a new app from scratch, or work within an existing codebase to add new functionality. We use the latest stable release of Android Studio for Android projects.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more seamlessly into your website so you can enhance your social presence and generate likes and shares for your website or application!


We integrate frameworks such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more to build you a secure online store if you decide to use an out-of-the-box solution. We can also create custom store applications that are catered to your specific needs.


Search Engine Optimization is nothing to take lightly. What good is a brand new website if it falls on page 10 of the search results? When we build you a site, we integrate basic SEO at the very minimum, for free. Advanced SEO can be done for an additional cost.

Web & UX Design

We have designers on staff that can create logos, web templates including Wordpress themes, social media advertisements and banners, business cards, and more!

Why use our services?

We at Pixel Pandas Interactive, LLC, are a group of professionals who know the right and wrong way to do things. We don’t just build you a website, we build you a solid application that can be viewed in a user-friendly manner across all devices, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android device, or a desktop computer. We use responsive CSS for all of our websites, unless the client requests a separate mobile URL of course. We also take the time to triple check our work before it goes out the door. We believe that the amount of QA time should match or even exceed the amount of development time that goes into an end product.


Cross-browser, cross-device
design & development.

Your website only looks as good as the browser displays it, and how well the CSS and HTML markup is formed. We use the Bootstrap CSS framework which supports all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 and up. We do support Internet Explorer 7 for slightly additional cost as well.

The majority of users coming to your website are “multi-screening,” and using your website on both their mobile and desktop devices. We feel that this is an extremely crucial part of the development phase and we make sure to test rigorously for bugs.  For an example,  resize your browser window and watch respond to the viewport size.

Simple, Proven Process.

We believe in employing a process that never fails for each of our projects. First we plan the scope of the project and the amount of hours that will be dedicated to each phase. Second, we design the UI and flow of the application or website. Once design is approved, development begins on our staging server and we provide you a URL so you can always track our progress! Then we test your new responsive application to iron out any bugs – but we don’t stop there. We don’t just hand you an application at the end of the day – we assist in deployment if need be, for no extra charge. We know it can be confusing to figure out  how to get your site live, and we are here to assist you through the process.

We Keep You Updated.

All of our sites are built on a development URL which is provided to you at the start of the project so you can track our progress and make sure we aren’t sleeping on the job!

The Panda Portfolio

Below is our current portfolio. Projects we’ve done include custom web applications, WordPress sites, Magento sites, mobile applications and design work. By default, all of the websites we do are responsive, unless the client specifically asks for a separate mobile version of the site or application.

Request a Quote

You dream it, we build it!

Contact us at or fill out the form with your idea for a web application, mobile web application, or design project and we will be sure to get back to you with an estimate and the work involved.

Q: Are you willing to make me a website or graphics?

A: Sure! Just use the form to the left and provide a detailed description of your project for a work estimate.

Q: Do you provide web hosting in addition to development and design?

A: Yes. We offer a flat $200 per year hosting plan on our MediaTemple server. Sit back and relax while we set up your entire environment for you. We will provide a stable environment for your application to run, on a managed server with backups and automatic updates.

Q: I have an existing site, but just need a few updates. Can you help with these?

A: Yes. Also, if you are an existing client, we will do textual content updates for free!

Q: Are you willing to work with other developers on a project?

A: Absolutely. We have worked with teams before and would be honored to contribute to a group project.